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Denver Rail Map - stellar epiphany
November 21st, 2006
12:20 am


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Denver Rail Map
I made this map some time ago with the help of Ed Knittel who made the CTA/Chicago equivalent. With the recent opening of the southeast light rail line, I took the opportunity to ride for free on the trains last Saturday. I took my GPS along and recorded the locations of each station along the routes. 75,000 people rode the LRT that day, breaking the Denver record in spite of not running at full schedule. I can attest that there were more than a few trains crammed full of people, especially if you (gasp) had to transfer at I-25/Broadway Station. That's currently the only station with three tracks, one for northbound trains, and one each for the southwest and southeast lines. Anyway, the map I made allows you to cross-reference station locations with nearby things to do/eat/see/etc, and overlays that on Google Maps. Pretty cool. I guess a lot can happen between now and 2015 when the remainder of the rail network is due to be finished, but it'd be nice to add those lines then, if I'm still around. The renovated/expanded Denver Union Station & surrounding neighborhood will be completed in 2009-2010. Here's some eyecandy pictures. Things will look very different in 4 years or so.

Union Station and the famous "TRAVEL by TRAIN" sign, with the light rail station in the foreground:

Louisiana/Pearl Station artwork:

Nine Mile Station bench; notice the anti-sleeper rail:

I-25/Broadway Station banner (same style as all others):

I-25/Broadway Station is very busy:

I-25/Broadway station layout sign:

The Lotus club at Union Station - I went here last summer with some hotties (long story there); looks like they're closed for renovation:

Amtrak's California Zephyr schedule board inside Denver Union Station:

Rio Grande's daily Ski Train to Winter Park schedule board inside DUS:

Track 1: Amtrak's California Zephyr:

I'll be in Detroit for the remainder of the week to see the family and friends in Michigan.

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